First step… Cleanse!

Well into a hundred pages in Donna Gates’ book and I’m not yet daunted. I know I’ll have to say farewell to caffeine and sneak in a taste of alcohol while she’s not looking, but I haven’t started yet, so red wine for everyone!

A hormone check is on the horizon, but first she recommends three months of easing into the diet, cleansing and doing things like acupuncture, and thanks to Groupon and Living Social, I have some half-price sessions coming my way. Now, does one want to entrust their health (hair, skin, body, nails and/or stomach) to someone offering their services at such a deep discount? I’ve been using these coupons for more than a year now, and haven’t really had a bad experience. There was one cranky masseuse, and a haircut that took a couple of days to accept, but other than that, I’ve had many lovely massages, mani/pedi’s, haircuts, facials and discounted meals.

I followed Adina Niemerow’s “Super Cleanse” last summer (, beginning with a week of raw food and moving into a juice fast, which ended just shy of five days when I positively had to eat something solid. Overall, eating raw and juicing made me feel lighter and a bit more energetic, but man, was I cranky! Too much abstinence makes for an unhappy girl. Balance, balance, balance!

However, I found myself adhering as much as possible to the raw, clean food lifestyle. Until I came home on the night of September 1, 2011 to find a strange man kneeling on my bed, shoving things into my backpack. But that’s another post for another day.


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