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315 items in my library, not enough hours in the day…

Although 315 does not sound like a lot of books to me, if I spend any time extrapolating out into the future… wait, I can’t. I’ll just take it one book, one chapter, one page at a time and see how it goes.

Yesterday, on my way to the public library (not to read books, but to do some learning on my computer), I passed two book stores. Well, one book store that is open and stocked with books, and another that used to be open and stocked with used books. Sadly for them, and I guess fortunately for me as I still feel the pull to browse and buy, they seem to have packed up and put brown paper on the windows in anticipation of whatever’s next. Seems to be fewer and fewer places to buy real books that doesn’t involve a virtual shopping cart.

I’m still making my way through the “Baby Boomer Diet”, although you wouldn’t know it from the weekend frenzy of deep dish pizza and Zap’s potato chip helping a friend from New Orleans celebrate his birthday in Chicago. I photocopied the chart of how to properly combine food and posted it on my refrigerator, hoping it will sink in by osmosis. My upcoming trip to New York does not bode well for BED.

Basically, there are four food combos that work best for digestion. Animal protein with non-starchy and ocean vegetables, starchy vegetables and grains with non-starchy and ocean vegetables and fats, protein fats (kefir, seeds, soaked and sprouted almonds) with acid fruits, non-starchy and ocean vegetables, and animal protein with fats (though this last appears in dark gray as a warning against over-consumption).

Eat fruits at least 30 minutes before or 3 hours after a meal. Leave your stomach 20 percent empty. Eat smaller meals more frequently if that works best. I’ll let you know when I actually begin…


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First step… Cleanse!

Well into a hundred pages in Donna Gates’ book and I’m not yet daunted. I know I’ll have to say farewell to caffeine and sneak in a taste of alcohol while she’s not looking, but I haven’t started yet, so red wine for everyone!

A hormone check is on the horizon, but first she recommends three months of easing into the diet, cleansing and doing things like acupuncture, and thanks to Groupon and Living Social, I have some half-price sessions coming my way. Now, does one want to entrust their health (hair, skin, body, nails and/or stomach) to someone offering their services at such a deep discount? I’ve been using these coupons for more than a year now, and haven’t really had a bad experience. There was one cranky masseuse, and a haircut that took a couple of days to accept, but other than that, I’ve had many lovely massages, mani/pedi’s, haircuts, facials and discounted meals.

I followed Adina Niemerow’s “Super Cleanse” last summer (, beginning with a week of raw food and moving into a juice fast, which ended just shy of five days when I positively had to eat something solid. Overall, eating raw and juicing made me feel lighter and a bit more energetic, but man, was I cranky! Too much abstinence makes for an unhappy girl. Balance, balance, balance!

However, I found myself adhering as much as possible to the raw, clean food lifestyle. Until I came home on the night of September 1, 2011 to find a strange man kneeling on my bed, shoving things into my backpack. But that’s another post for another day.

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