Still almost finished…

I’m not surprised that I don’t mind living with piles of books taking up floor space. If stepping over things that didn’t belong on the floor were an Olympic sport, I’d be weighted down with medals.

This project must be what it’s like to eat a hot dog by halving it with every bite. You think you’re just about finished, but there’s always a nub left to tackle. Okay, perhaps the hot-dog-eating analogy is a bit inadequate, because at some point you’re just going to give up. The point is, whenever I think I’m ready to organize the books by category and shelve them in their new homes, something else pops up that needs to be added to the list.

Two days ago, it was all the little phrase books I’ve collected over the years, most of which are older than I am. Looks like I’m well-prepared to say a variety of things in Italian, German, Spanish and French, a la 1954, useful if I’m looking for the heppest, most nifty, gee-whiz hangout, Daddy-o.

Yesterday, it was my music book collection, very few of which have ISBNs, some without covers, impossible to trace. What is the name of that Beatles’ songbook? I can’t even remember the cover photo (or was it a drawing?) and ran out of search terms, so I sent a plea to to help me figure it out.

The most distracting thing about archiving the music books is the new-found desire to pull out my guitar and actually play. “I’m Sorry” by John Denver anyone? This, while perhaps fittingly, keeping one eye on the dream-crushing paring down to the final 24 on American Idol.

Meanwhile, I started reading Donna Gates’ “Baby Boomer Diet”, which promises to teach me a new way of eating that will turn back the clock. I confess that I’m familiar with Donna’s Body Ecology Diet, or BED, and know I won’t get far downing mint chocolate-covered espresso beans from Trader Joe’s while reading it.

Which brings me to a point to ponder: do I just read these books or do I actually follow what they prescribe? Do I cook my way through each cookbook, or just read through them and pick out recipes I’d like to try? And when do I actually let someone know I’m writing a blog?


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