Almost there…

The bulk of my library, ready for sorting and finding their homes.

Okay, that doesn’t look like too many books, but so far I’ve added 245 to LibraryThing, and that doesn’t include those that need manual entering. Not everything has a lovely ISBN ready to populate the page.

So far, I have no system, no goals for reading down the piles. Once everything is entered and categorized, I’ll begin the process of returning the books to the various shelves I have scattered about my flat. There’s the built-ins in the living room, the IKEA bookcase I assembled and anchored to the wall of my bedroom, and a couple of small, foldable shelves that could go anywhere.

Today, I remembered there are crates of books in a storage locker in Santa Barbara beside the furniture and Majolica pots taken from my Mom’s house that don’t fit in her new apartment. I cringed at the thought — more books to categorize, more shelf space that I don’t have, more to (gasp!) read. And what about the lovely new book on courage by Debbie Ford that will be out in April? Will I have to wait until my library has been digested to entertain something new? Is this what those about to marry encounter when they consider being with one person for the rest of their lives? Will I develop a taste for some “strange” and stray from my own books? I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, technology is threatening to leave me behind. Recently, a young(er) man was telling me how he reads the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Economist on his iPad, before he even gets out of bed. No going to the newsstand anymore. You don’t even have to go to the front door and bend over to pick up the physical paper. Now you can roll over, grab your iPad and be immersed in the day’s news without moving more than a couple of inches.

I have an iPad, which I bought to Facetime with my boyfriend while he was in London. It surely would have been cheaper to use the phone, but there is something nice about being able to see him, and the technology is pretty seamless. And of course Words With Friends keeps me in touch with people without having to contact them. When they make a move, I know they’re alive and well. Then I learned that I could read the magazines I subscribe to on the iPad, and started downloading issues of Wired, the physical copies of which remain in their plastic delivery bags, scattered about my apartment.

Reading online is a revelation. There’s video and audio and other treats you don’t get with the physical magazine. But have you ever read Wired? It’s pretty dense, and there are definitely long-paragraphed stories I’m happy to skip, which feels a bit like cheating. I think I have to cut myself a break here and be happy if I make it cover-to-cover, whether or not I’ve read all the content.

I’ve also begun to dig into the latest novel I wrote in November, during National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  Check out the website: I’ve competed five times! Yes, there are five shitty novels in Kinko’s boxes under my bed and tucked up on the shelf, waiting to be read. Add those to the pile, please! If I haven’t said it already, this is a project that will easily last me the rest of my life. *Sigh*


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